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Item #141 - Pest Net with White Regular Netting
Item #141 - Pest Net with White Regular Netting

Item #141 - Pest Net with White Regular Netting

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Item #141

Base circumference: 40ft. or 1250cm

Height: 8ft. or 250cm

Folding metal ring Diameter: 2.12ft. or 65cm

Weight: 1.12 lbs. or .51kg

The Pest Net is 100% polyester, white, Mosquito Net with a folding metal ring, and regular mesh 156 holes per sq. inch. The ring at the top sets up easily on the hook supplied or on a rope.


The Pest Net, light in weight and compact in size, is useful for camping, traveling, hiking, backpacking, and at the beach. Use for backyards over picnic tables, lawn chairs, beds on porches, and baby cribs. Use for bedrooms, the Pest Net easily fits over a king size bed when set up on the ceiling. Other uses are for boating, fishing, as a decorative item around the house or a unique gift.

Protects against mosquitos and other flying insects that cause West Nile Virus, Dengue Fever, Yellow Fever, Encephalitis, and other insect born diseases.

The Pest Net folds, into a nylon green bag, 1ft or 30cm in diameter and approx. 2-3in or 5cm to 7cm. in width, by twisting the metal ring at the top with your hands, from outside, slowly in opposite directions, and then wrapping the net around the folded ring.

The Mosquito Net is machine washable at normal temp and the metal ring can be taken out, but do not iron.

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